Consultants Insider Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: December 01, 2011.

Consultants Insider suggests taking a close review of its Terms and Conditions in a serious manner before placing any orders. Customers are strictly suggested to follow the below mentioned conditions before placing their orders.

After you make the payment your document in the MS word format (or PDF format) will be delivered to you on your email address within the time limit which both parties i.e. you (Buyer) and Consultants Insider have agreed to through our official emails ONLY:

[email protected]

Website of Consultants Insider is:

Services Contract

Consultants Insider provides crypto trading strategies, analysis and plans services, work done by Consultants Insider will be delivered to the client through email on his/her email address which he/she has used while communicating with us. Customers purchasing a custom model Strategy/Analysis/Plan from Consultants Insider must use this as a guide to help them to produce their own piece of work and strategies/analysis/plans of trading. The work provided by us has to be used for reference purposes only.

Consultants Insider is not only bound to provide strategies/analysis/plans but also assigning its own in-house strategists and analysts for best service provision. Consultants Insider agrees to assign experienced and competent crypto market experts to create 100% authentic plans and strategies. The customer’s agreement is legal to the given Terms and Conditions as soon as our professionals are consigned to finish the orders till the receiving of the payment. 

Consultants Insider fully agrees to deliver top-notch strategies or other plans according to the high standards of market analysis selected by the customers while placing their orders. If the customer is not satisfied with the delivered content, he or she is free to report to the concern authority within 4 days subsequent to which rework will be provided free of cost however no refund request will be entertained as we provide free amendments for the work done by us. As per subject matters related to payments, down payments are non-refundable. Customers are requested to deliver some additional details to Consultants Insider before the strategists and analysts begin to process the order. This crucial information can be provided on our email ONLY: 

[email protected]

Delivery Contract

Consultants Insider is responsible to deliver all the orders to its customers before the agreed upon deadline. In case, we fail to make on-time delivery of any project, we will ask for suitable extension from the customer. Our customers will receive their order before the deadline as per required format and certain specifications. We, at Consultants Insider, promise our customers that their finished orders will be delivered without any extra charges.

Excellent Customer Support

Consultants Insider is responsible to assign a skilled customer support agent to assist the customers till the delivery of the completed work. Round the clock service will be provided by the company to its valued customers.

Change of Policy

Terms and Conditions can be included or amended further by Consultants Insider as per their authoritative rights. However, our customers will be reported in case of any changes are made in the policy.


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